Founded by meditation teacher Chantal Garneau, becoming present ONLINE is a full service website creation company that understands the needs of small businesses and solo-preneurs.


Becoming Present Online is a collaborative process with passionate entrepreneurs, and small business owners, to create an online presence that reflects the essence of their work.

We are happy to navigate you through the sometimes confusing online world and to help you be an empowered business owners who are is proud of and in control of your online presence.



At Becoming Present ONLINE we only want to work with you if you want to work with us. We aren't interested in hard selling, pressuring, or being sneaky in any way. We believe websites are an extension of ourselves and our businesses and we respect you and your process.


Inititial Set Up 

$800 - $4,000 

Most of our clients websites have been around $1,200 CAD.  

You pay for our creative and technical skills including website creation, brand strategy and content creation. Once your sites is built you no longer pay us anything (unless you want some help along the way). We will show you how to update your site yourself (it's easier than you think), and will answer little questions along the way. If you want to add a page, restructure, or do some major changes at some point and want help we can give you a quote for that work. 

Yearly Fees

$100 - $200 

These fees are paid directly by you to Squarespace for platform and hosting, and to your domain and email providers. We will help you set this up.

We believe you clients should own your website and pay for your domain and hosting directly. We want yo to be self sufficient and feel confident in your online presence. 

Once your website creation process is complete you will have all the passwords and full ownership of your website, and domain.


First Step

You will be asked to answer a questionnaire regarding why you'd like a new website, what your business is about, what you would like to communicate, and how you would like to be perceived. Your answers will help us determine the scope and nature of your website. 

We will review your questionnaire together, get to know each other, and discuss timelines, budget and how we work. 


Phase 1

Once you choose to work with us, we will collect some basic content and will send you links to two test sites for you to review and assess what design looks/feels best for you and also meets your functional needs.

We will then work together to establish what content to feature (text, video, images) and we will determine what content you currently have, what needs to be developed, and who will develop it. We can help create content, or refer you to other trusted professionals.

Phase 2

After a style for the site is approved, and we are ready to curate the content you will be asked to sign a contract and pay an approximately 50% deposit. A cost for the site will be estimated based on our previous experience, and you will be give a range ($600-$800, $800-$1200 etc). Your deposit will be for the lowest figure in your estimate and is non-refundable. 

Together we will create a timeline for creating and receiving your content.

Once we receive or create your content we will begin building your site. You will have a few opportunities to make some style changes as we go. 

Phase 3

You will review and approve your final website.

We will connect your social media accounts to your website and then connect your site to your existing or new domain. 

Your site will go live. We can help you to share your good news through social and print media.

You will receive training on how to update your website; add blog posts, change text, add images etc. and on how to track metrics (how many people are visiting your site, how they are finding you and what content they like best) Don't worry. We won't leave you hanging. If you need help after your launch we will be here for you.