From Our Clients

“magical quality”

Recently my husband and I decided to both get new websites for our businesses.

I contacted Chantal after hearing some very positive comments about her work, and after my first meeting with her, my husband was also on board.

Chantal’s calm, patient, capable and highly ethical character was so refreshing.

Chantal really wanted our websites to reflect who we were, and we really  felt a part of the creative process.

We immediately felt confident in Chantal’s ability to work through any issues that arouse, in a calm and professional manner, and this was a consistent theme from start to finish.

I think Chantal has some kind of magical quality, because the amount of new business generated by our sites has been remarkable!!

The entire experience was a pleasure for both of us.

Thank you so much Chantal!!

— Angela de Haas, and David Harvey


a thoughtful, guided, collaborative process

When Foodstuffs decided to hit “refresh” on our website we didn’t have to go far for help. Long-time Downtown Georgetown friend and neighbour Chantal Garneau, of Becoming Present, was right next door.

She made finding the best way to share the essence of Foodstuffs a thoughtful, guided, collaborative process. We learned a lot about ourselves and our customers along the way.

Chantal responded to our ever-changing wish-list and created a website that is both useful and whimsical - we’ve stocked it up with our favourite recipes, a delicious scrapbook, a newsletter (by subscription), product information and our latest news. 

It’s as close as we could get to tele-porting our customers to the store. 

Thanks Chantal!

— Marcia & the Foodstuffs gang


"She understood exactly what I wanted to create"

I wanted to revise my "oh so dated" website to reflect my own evolution over the years.   It was no coincidence that the universe brought me to Chantal to help me do just that.  I was looking for a clear, clean, uncluttered approach to sharing life changing health information with my community. 

I met with Chantal and voilà, her intuition and understanding was spot on.  She understood exactly what I wanted to create.  Within a very short period of time, the new website was up and running, and it mirrored precisely what I wanted to achieve. 

The feedback that I'm receiving from patients and clients alike is overwhelming.  Working with Chantal was so easy.  Her professionalism and marketing savvy was applied every step of the way; the end result was a very successful launch with even more visibility than I could have anticipated. 

Chantal, thank you for your creativity, responsiveness, understanding and unbiased approach to this project.  I absolutely LOVE the look and feel of this new site, and apparently my patients, clients, family and friends feel the same way.

I would highly recommend you to anyone who is thinking about updating their current website or creating something new.  You made this task feel effortless.  Kudos to you!

— Heather Smith